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Discover the life-changing power of a smile at Dentestetica – your dental clinic specializing in smile makeovers. With dedication and passion, we approach our work, turning dreams of healthy, white teeth into reality.

We perform real magic, transforming the aesthetics of your smile through various procedures, from whitening and orthodontics to bonding, advanced prosthodontics, and implants. With state-of-the-art technologies and our team’s experience, we can provide you with optimal results, regardless of the scale of your needs.

Every smile makeover we undertake is individually tailored to the patient, ensuring that the final outcome meets your expectations and allows you to smile with confidence. Take a closer look at our transformations and see how we can revitalize your smile..


Case description: A 65-year-old patient presented for the replacement of missing teeth. For several years, he had been using removable dentures, which, as he claimed, “made his life difficult.” He struggled to consume certain foods as the dentures would dislodge during meals. This led to discomfort and embarrassment in social situations. The patient expressed interest in a permanent solution without the need to remove the denture from the mouth. During the consultation, the patient was offered implantological treatment following the All-on-4® concept, which involves rebuilding all teeth in either the upper or lower jaw using four implants. The implantation procedure was performed under local anesthesia, and on the same day, an acrylic bridge was attached to the implants. Immediately after the visit, the patient experienced a significant improvement in the quality of life. He could comfortably eat without restrictions and rediscovered the taste of food. His self-confidence was restored in social situations.

Attending physicians: Magdalena Orczykowska DDS, PhD, Marcin Dyląg DDS.

Duration: First stage: 2 days, final prosthesis after 6 months.

Case Description: A 53-year-old patient came for a consultation to learn options for reconstructing partial gaps in her upper jaw other than using a removable denture. She found the unsightly clasps on her existing denture to be bothersome, as they were visible every time she smiled. She mentioned that this had caused her to stop smiling. After a diagnostic assessment, it was determined that the option could be aesthetic crowns placed on implants, filling the gaps left by missing teeth. The patient opted for implantation under general anesthesia, as she preferred to be asleep during the procedure. Following the healing period of the implants, highly aesthetic all-ceramic crowns were applied. The patient gained a new, beautiful smile and regained full comfort in chewing food.

Attending Physicians:  Magdalena Orczykowska DDS, PhD, Marcin Dyląg DDS.

Duration: 6 month

Crowns on Implants

Ceramic Crown

Case Description: A 23-year-old patient sought assistance due to the unattractive appearance of tooth 21. From the conversation with the patient, we learned that he had suffered a fracture of this tooth while playing soccer. The tooth became non-vital and changed color, significantly differing from the shade of the surrounding teeth. After a secondary root canal treatment, a full-ceramic crown was applied to the tooth. Thanks to the individual characterization of the prosthetic crown, a fantastic aesthetic result was achieved. It’s now challenging to distinguish the natural tooth from the reconstructed one.

Attending Physician: Marcin Ofiara DDS

Duration: 5 days.

Case Description: A 32-year-old patient came to the clinic  with a fractured tooth 24. The tooth had previously undergone root canal treatment but was not prosthetically restored, which led to its fracture. After analyzing a CT scan, the only viable treatment alternative was the extraction of the tooth and the immediate placement of an implant in its position. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia and lasted no more than 30 minutes. A temporary crown was placed on the implant to ensure the patient didn’t go without a tooth. After 4 months, the implant was uncovered. Considering that the adjacent tooth 25 had also undergone root canal treatment and, like tooth 24, was not prosthetically restored, the patient, after unpleasant experiences, decided to undergo prosthetic restoration of this tooth as well. Two all-ceramic prosthetic crowns were made—one for the natural tooth and one for the implant. The patient can now enjoy a beautiful smile without any concerns.

Attending Physicians: Krzysztof Górowski DDS, Maciej Bereś DDS

Duration: 4 months

Implant Crown

Denture on Implants

Case Description: A 67-year-old patient sought treatment with a firm declaration, “I’ve had enough of these teeth!” She had been dealing with periodontal disease for a long time, gradually losing teeth as a result. The dentures she was using worsened the quality of her life. She couldn’t eat, smile, and was losing her confidence. After a multidisciplinary consultation involving a periodontist, oral surgeon, and prosthodontist, and after discussions with the patient, it was decided to remove the teeth and apply implants following the All-on-4® concept. The procedure was performed under general anesthesia, with an anesthesiologist present. During the surgery, teeth were extracted, and implants were placed. A few hours after the procedure, acrylic bridges were attached to the implants. The patient could immediately enjoy a beautiful smile.

Attending Physicians: Monika Bereś DDS (Prosthodontics Specialist), Maciej Bereś (Oral Surgery Specialist) DDS, Bartłomiej Kmera (Periodontology Specialist) DDS, Henryk Podziorny MD, PhD

Duration: 24 hours

Case Description: A 23-year-old patient sought specialized treatment. She was bothered by gaps between her teeth and the fact that her teeth were overly tilted. After a thorough clinical examination, orthodontic treatment was proposed. The patient opted for treatment using aligners, avoiding the need for braces or visible metal elements on the teeth. The patient had just started working and valued a “discreet” treatment. Upon completion of the treatment, she was very pleased with the results.

Attending Physician: Paweł Łach (Orthodontics Specialist) DDS

Duration: 1 year

Orthodontic Treatment

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