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Conservative dentistry

Dental Check-up

A dental check-up is the foundation of diagnosis and one of the most important procedures performed in a dental office. A preventive visit combined with a check-up takes little time but is very impotnats for maintaining the health of teeth and the oral cavity. During the check-up, the dentist examines the whole mouth,checking the health of the teeth and tissues around. Complementing the check-up is X-ray diagnostics, which allows us to detect conditions that are not visible during routine clinical examination. After a thorough examination, a treatment plan is always prepared, in which the dentist takes into account the dental treatment needs of the patient and provides a cost estimate for the procedures


Hygienization is a preventive procedure that helps us maintain a healthy and beautiful smile while ensuring the proper condition of the oral cavity and gums. Hygienization involves thorough cleaning of the teeth and interdental spaces from plaque and tartar, as well as polishing the teeth and applying enamel-strengthening preparations.

Independent tooth brushing, flossing, and other home care procedures are generally not sufficient, so it’s advisable to visit a dental office every few months. A qualified dental hygienist will perform the hygienization procedure, provide guidance on home dental hygiene, and plan an appropriate schedule for future hygienization appointments

Basic Dental Care, sometimes referred to as conservative dentistry, encompasses any form of treatment aimed at preserving natural, healthy, and strong teeth. Through prompt and expert intervention, a healthy and beautiful smile never leaves our patients.


At the DENTestetica dental clinic, we place great focus on conservative dentistry, also in relation to our youngest patients. The natural properties of the teeth, preserved as long as possible by appropriate treatment, are the best barrier to oral diseases, including dental caries. Therefore, our priority is to always protect and maintain our patients’ natural dentition.

With a focus on the highest comfort

Painless treatment is a standard we consider one of our guiding principles at DENTestetica. Friendly and stress-free atmosphere, computer-assisted local anesthesia systems and a wide range of different types of sedation guarantee that visiting our clinic is always a positive experience.


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To schedule an appointment, please call the phone number +48 887 05 05 01 or +48 887 05 05 02

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The clinic is located at Kamienna Street 21 in Krakow in the Stare Miasto district. Free parking is available for patients.

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Our clinic is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 8 PM. More info here.


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