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Invisible orthodontics - Kraków

Years of experience, excellent professionals from all fields of dentistry, friendly atmosphere and understanding our patients’ needs. Our clinic is not just an ordinary dental practice. This is a place for you and your needs – friendly, open and unique.


We listen to our patients and talk about their needs and expectations. We advise the best solutions and present all available options. Your smile is our top priority. We believe that there is no tooth that cannot be saved. Our motto? It is never too late for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

Shorter treatment duration than traditional braces.

Transparent and almost invisible aligners.

Over 15 million people have achieved a beautiful smile through aligner orthodontic treatment.

Over 20 years on the market.


Why is it worth it?

More freedom

Transparent Invisalign aligners are discreet, easy to remove, and seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.

Quick results

You can see results in as little as six months (depending on the complexity of your case).

How does orthodontic treatment using aligners work?

Orthodontic treatment using aligners works by applying controlled pressure to individual teeth for a specified duration, causing them to gradually and gently shift. This process occurs day by day, millimeter by millimeter.

Every two weeks, the patient replaces the current aligners with new ones, slightly modified in their positioning. This cycle repeats until the teeth reach the desired alignment.

Not only is this method effective, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Aligners are highly comfortable compared to traditional braces with brackets and nearly invisible. This makes orthodontic treatment less cumbersome and more discreet.

Keeping them clean is a breeze—you can effortlessly remove the aligners for eating, brushing your teeth, and even occasionally for special events or ceremonies.

Advantages of Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment


Made from a special material without metal components, Invisalign aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces.

Easy to remove

The aligners can be easily removed before meals, daily hygiene, and briefly for special occasions.

Customized for you

A digital scan of your oral cavity will be conducted to create a personalized treatment plan.


Invisalign aligners start working from the first application, and initial results may be visible within a few weeks of treatment.

Stages of treatment

Interview with the specialist

During your consultation at Dentestetica Kraków, our orthodontist will discuss your bite problems in detail, ask about the history of your defect, tell you whether it can be treated with Invisalign, and describe the effects that can be achieved with the treatment.

Individual treatment plan

Once you have decided to start Invisalign treatment, the next step involves taking X-rays and regular photos, followed by taking an impression of your teeth. All these materials will be used to create a digital 3D image of your oral cavity. Based on the above, a virtual simulation will be performed to show you exactly how your teeth will move at each stage of the treatment. At this point, the doctor will also be able to determine the expected duration of the treatment. Each Invisalign case has individual requirements, but one year is usually enough to achieve a beautiful smile in adult patients. In children and adolescents, the duration of the treatment is comparable to that involving the use of traditional braces. Na tej podstawie przeprowadzona zostanie wirtualna symulacja pokazująca dokładnie jak na każdym etapie leczenia nakładki będą przesuwać się Twoje zęby. Na tym etapie lekarz będzie mógł też określić przewidywany czas leczenia.

Orthodontic device created especially for you

Based on the virtual 3D model and the established treatment plan, individual aligners will be custom-fitted to match your teeth. Invisalign aligners are made of thermoplastic, transparent silicone that does not irritate the cheeks or gums. Easy and comfortable to wear and apply, they can be easily removed before a meal or during brushing or flossing. Every day, your teeth will gradually and gently move to their new positions. Since the braces are virtually invisible, most people will never know that you are in the process of correcting your smile. Nakładkowy aparat ortodontyczny to nakładki wykonane z termoplastycznego, przezroczystego materiału, który nie podrażnia policzków ani dziąseł.

New aligners every 2 weeks

Every two weeks or so, you replace your old aligners with new ones. Each replacement marks another stage of the treatment that brings you closer to your perfect smile. To achieve the best results and complete the treatment on time, it is recommended that you wear the aligners every day, from 20 to 22 hours a day. To monitor the treatment of your malocclusion, we recommend scheduling regular appointments with the attending physician every 6 weeks, and, in addition, whenever you feel the need to make sure that everything is going well.

Orthodontic Treatment

Case Description: A 23-year-old patient sought specialized treatment. She was bothered by gaps between her teeth and the fact that her teeth were overly tilted. After a thorough clinical examination, orthodontic treatment was proposed. The patient opted for treatment using aligners, avoiding the need for braces or visible metal elements on the teeth. The patient had just started working and valued a “discreet” treatment. Upon completion of the treatment, she was very pleased with the results.

Attending Physician: Paweł Łach (Orthodontics Specialist) DDS

Duration: 1 year

Paweł Łach, DDS

He holds a specialist title in orthodontics, obtained through a 3-year residency program and successfully passing the State Specialization Examination.

He is a graduate of the medical-dental program at the Faculty of Medicine of the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Krakow. Continuously expanding his knowledge, he actively participates in numerous lectures, training sessions, and conferences.

In his practice, he works with removable appliances (Invisalign), fixed braces, modern systems supporting orthodontic treatment (such as orthodontic mini-implants, the Benefit system), and intraoral scanners (iTero, 3Shape). He often combines the advantages of the mentioned appliances to make patient treatment as effective and minimally burdensome as possible.


What are the aligners made of?

Invisalign braces consist of trays called aligners. Made of special thermoplastic silicone, developed especially for Invisalign, they provide comfort and convenience during treatment. The aligners can be easily removed during meal time and before teeth-brushing, and also briefly for special occasions.

How long does the treatment last? How long will I need to wear the braces?

The duration of treatment is an individual issue and depends on several factors, including the type and severity of the malocclusion.


It is assumed that the duration of Invisalign treatment is comparable to treatment involving conventional braces. Approximate treatment time ranges from 9 to 18 months. You will find detailed information at a consultation with our orthodontist.


During treatment, you should wear the aligners every day for a minimum of 20 – 22 hours and take them out before meals and oral care routine.

Is the treatment painful?

No. Some patients experience slight discomfort at the very beginning of the treatment, but in most cases it subsides after several days.

At what age can I wear aligners?

Like any other orthodontic treatment, the Invisalign method can be applied in most teenagers and adults. The final decision is made by an orthodontist.

How should I clean the aligners?

It is best to clean Invisalign aligner trays with a brush and rinse them in lukewarm water. Your orthodontist will advise you on a special preparation that you can use to clean your braces.

Do aligners cause problems while eating, do they make it difficult to speak or work out?

Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is a much more convenient solution. The aligners can be taken out at meal time and do not limit your freedom when you work, practice sports or meet with your friends.


Since they are practically invisible, most people will never notice that you are wearing Invisalign aligners. Comfort, discretion and a wonderful smile.

Should I stick to a special diet during treatment?

No, because you take the braces out before each meal. This way you can eat and drink anything you want.

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