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All-on-4® - Kraków

You are in a place where technology meets professional knowledge – DENTestetica, a dedicated center for the All-on-4® method in Krakow. This innovative and effective solution will help you regain a beautiful and natural smile. Explore our offerings, where we passionately combine modern technologies with experience, creating ideal conditions for restoring the full functionality of your smile

Implantation takes 35 minutes

99.7% success rate of implant integration

Over 10 years of using this technology

2 500 patients have trusted us

DENTestetica possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of life for patients using the All-on-4® method – a new smile in one day. As an Excellence Center for the All-on-4® treatment concept, we use high-quality products. We rely on modern solutions based on years of clinical research while maintaining the highest quality standards.

How does it work?


Four implants are placed in one arch: 2 in the front part and 2 in the chewing part.


A temporary denture is applied on the day of the procedure and replaced with a permanent one after six months

Advantages of the All-on-4® Technique


The most cost-effective way to rebuild all teeth with permanent solution.


Costly bone regeneration is not required for implantation.


Prosthesis care is very simple, and you can eat as usual.


A temporary fixed denture is delivered within 24 hours after implantation for a period of 6 months

Stages of Treatment

Consultation and Initial Diagnosis

The doctor will conduct a thorough diagnosis and take photographic documentation. After the visit, you will receive a detailed treatment plan with conditions.


The procedure is performed after individual adjustment of anesthesia, ensuring painlessness. At this stage, we apply a temporary denture.

Placement of Permanent Denture

The placement of a permanent prosthesis occurs several months after implantation. That's it. You can enjoy a beautiful smile

All-on-4® Krakow - Results in One Day

The main advantage of the All-on-4® method compared to other tooth reconstruction techniques is time efficiency. Another benefit is high quality and convenience. Not only is the transformation of your smile practically instantaneous, but the result also presents itself as natural, aesthetic teeth, ensuring unparalleled ease of use. If you dream of a beautiful smile, All-on-4® at DENTestetica Krakow is a great solution

Case description: A 65-year-old patient presented for the replacement of missing teeth. For several years, he had been using removable dentures, which, as he claimed, “made his life difficult.” He struggled to consume certain foods as the dentures would dislodge during meals. This led to discomfort and embarrassment in social situations. The patient expressed interest in a permanent solution without the need to remove the denture from the mouth. During the consultation, the patient was offered implantological treatment following the All-on-4® concept, which involves rebuilding all teeth in either the upper or lower jaw using four implants. The implantation procedure was performed under local anesthesia, and on the same day, an acrylic bridge was attached to the implants. Immediately after the visit, the patient experienced a significant improvement in the quality of life. He could comfortably eat without restrictions and rediscovered the taste of food. His self-confidence was restored in social situations.

Attending physicians: Magdalena Orczykowska DDS, PhD, Marcin Dyląg DDS.

Duration: First stage: 2 days, final prosthesis after 6 months.

Case Description: A 67-year-old patient sought treatment with a firm declaration, “I’ve had enough of these teeth!” She had been dealing with periodontal disease for a long time, gradually losing teeth as a result. The dentures she was using worsened the quality of her life. She couldn’t eat, smile, and was losing her confidence. After a multidisciplinary consultation involving a periodontist, oral surgeon, and prosthodontist, and after discussions with the patient, it was decided to remove the teeth and apply implants following the All-on-4® concept. The procedure was performed under general anesthesia, with an anesthesiologist present. During the surgery, teeth were extracted, and implants were placed. A few hours after the procedure, acrylic bridges were attached to the implants. The patient could immediately enjoy a beautiful smile.

Attending Physicians: Monika Bereś DDS (Prosthodontics Specialist), Maciej Bereś (Oral Surgery Specialist) DDS, Bartłomiej Kmera (Periodontology Specialist) DDS, Henryk Podziorny MD, PhD

Duration: 24 hours

Our team

Lek. dent. Marcin Dyląg

Chirurgia Stomatologiczna

Absolwent Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w Krakowie. K

Lek. dent. Maciej Bereś

Chirurgia Stomatologiczna

Tytuł lekarza – dentysty uzyskał w 2010 r na Un

Dr n. med. lek. dent. Magdalena Orczykowska


Magdalena Orczykowska ukończyła studia na kierunku le

Lek. dent. Monika Maślak – Bereś


Uniwersytet Jagielloński ukończyłą w 2009 roku, w 2

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Zapewne już wiesz, jak wiele korzyści niesie za sobą metoda All-on-4®. W DENTestetica jesteśmy dumni, że możemy oferować naszym pacjentom to innowacyjne rozwiązanie, które odmienia życie wielu osób.
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Aby otrzymać pełną ofertę All-on-4® formularz lub zadzwoń pod numer +48 887 05 05 01.

Call us

To schedule an appointment, please call the phone number +48 887 05 05 01 or +48 887 05 05 02

Set the route

The clinic is located at Kamienna Street 21 in Krakow in the Stare Miasto district. Free parking is available for patients.

Working hours

Our clinic is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 8 PM. More info here.


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